Topics for Writing an Interesting Essay

Writing an essay can be challenging, if you are a person who hates writing. It is good to know that the topic you chose goes a long way to help you write the correct essay. Essay writing becomes simple when you know the main steps to follow.

How to Write an Essay Correctly

The first thing to know is making sure you have the correct topic. Try to choose a topic that you relate with well and avoid going for the hard ones. The moment you have your theme, you can start brainstorming. It is the most crucial part that you should take seriously. All your concentration and attention should be there for you to get accurate ideas. Make sure you do not brainstorm when you are lazy and hungry to avoid leaving the brilliant ideas unwritten. You cannot brainstorm well if you have nowhere to write.

 Make sure you have a piece of paper and a pen near you. Write the topic on the note paper and then take your time thinking about it. Write down anything you think about without leaving any out. At this point, you do not have to write your points neatly. When you finish writing everything down, now is the time to expand your ideas. You can list them well in a way that you will understand better. Write the words you will need for each project you have. If some do not have a long objective, cancel them because they will not help you in any way. Go for the ones that are long and interesting. Make sure you do your research carefully to know if the points you have picked will help you have a good essay.

Here is a list of important topics you can use:

Aggressive Topics

  • The government should give rules to people selling tobacco
  • There should be no capital discipline
  • Using people to do tests is not a good thing
  • How advancement helps youths to stop feeling discouraged
  • High school should carefully know their program

Convincing Topics

  • Students should learn about sex at an early age
  • Teachers should give students the privilege of picking their topics and writing about them
  • Education institutions should stop selling any different types of squeezed drinks and low quality of foods
  • Abortions must not be allowed. People should get learn the dangers for them to know
  • Any form of physical destruction should not happen in any way
  • There should be a barrier to the number of children on can have

Obvious Topics

  • The person who helped me change for the better
  • Represent your behavior from afar
  • Picture a machine used by somebody from the stone age
  • How can the world look if you have the chance to create it?
  • What are the incidents that transformed your life for the better
  • Topics that can apply in informative essays
  • Why do people commit suicide?
  • Give reasons why students leave school without completing
  • Reasons why young people have turned to drugs as their solution
  • What are the steps one should take if he/she wants to attend college?
  • What are the things before organizing to bring people together?