How To Come Up With Good Essay Topics Effortlessly

Writing is quite a relaxing thing to do if you love it. But sometimes it’s quite difficult coming up with the right idea on what to write about. For instance, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with the topic on which to write about, especially in essay writing. You can sit down for hours thinking of what to use as a topic, but end up with nothing. You can avoid such incidences in several simple ways:

Group discussions

When you are stuck in your thoughts, you can easily get ideas from other parties by simply starting a group discussion on some relevant topics. This way you can use other people’s ideas to supplement your own. It’s quite easy this way, as it’s more like other people thinking on your behalf.

Watch a lot of entertainment channels

Essays are mostly about our daily lives and where best to find life stories than on television programs. You can easily just switch on the television and get thousands of essay topics from what you see. The fun part is that you get to relax while working at the same time. No need for any mental input whatsoever.

The internet

These days, tiring is a choice you make on your own. With the internet around you do almost anything by just the touch of a button. There is absolutely no need to think so hard on topics for essays. All you have to do is get yourself connected to the internet and let the topics come flooding to your hands, no sweat.

With all these sources, there is no limit to the topics. Some examples of essay topics include the following:

  • Are actors and athletes paid too much?
  • Should teachers have a dress code?
  • Should girls and boys be put in separate classes?
  • Is the death penalty a deserverable punishment for law offenders?
  • Is technology an addiction?
  • Is hacking a good career choice?
  • At what age should people start dating?
  • What do you think is the best movie ever created?
  • At what age do you think people should start voting.
  • What do you think is the most effective way to fight against environmental degradation?
  • How was your first day out of high school?
  • What is your take on gender parity?
  • How do you think you can help in the fight against substance abuse?