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Wise recommendations for newbies in essay writing

Every year, many students are first introduced to the world of essay writing. The main flaw in the education systems around the world is that students are not given good enough guidance on how to write their paper to ensure they receive good marks for their work. Due to this, many students fall well below their potential and do not get the chance to showcase their true skill and talents. Thus we have compiled some wise recommendations for newbies who are only entering the world of paper writing:


It is extremely wise to plan your work, before you even begin writing. This is because the plan becomes a good frame of reference for you to check while you are in the middle of writing your work. Another reason why a plan is so important is that you can write down all your ideas on paper, and do not need to keep them all stored in your head.

The best way to write your plan is by writing down what you aim to include in each of your paragraphs. This will give you a condensed version of your actual paper that you can easily refer back to while you are writing.

Writing Style

The style of writing that you will employ for your paper is called ‘academic writing’. This style of writing is formal and completely avoids the use of any informal language or colloquialisms.

A mistake that many students make is that they think they need to use long and overly formal vocabulary, however this is not needed for you to score well in your paper. You just need to make sure that your writing is concise and easy to understand.

You should also ensure that you write short paragraphs, as this makes it easier to understand and follow your writing. A long block of writing can be extremely tiresome for your teachers to follow. As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid using personal language such as ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘myself’ etc.


The structure of your paper is extremely important; content is not the only thing teachers look for when marking your work, but they also look for good structure. You have to make sure that you writing flows well and is easy to follow. As discussed before, you should split your work into small paragraphs, as it is much easier to follow your work like this.

The following is how you should structure your work:

  • Introduction: This is a brief overview of what you will be discussing during the course of your writing. It should give the audience a preview of what to expect.
  • Main Body: These are the paragraphs where you will develop your argument, and answer the question required of you.
  • Conclusion: This is a brief summarization of everything you have discussed in your work. Since this is the last thing someone will read, it is important that you repeat the main talking points of your paper.